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"Cry Baby" Diet

All newborns have moments when they cry and act fussy, but a baby who is otherwise healthy, yet cries for more than three hours a day is normally thought to have colic.

It's really common and is something that upsets about 25% of all infants. Colic usually starts between the 3rd and 6th week after birth. The good news it goes away on its own, usually when the baby is about three months old.

In the meantime, a new Australian study suggests there may be a way to reduce the crying in colicy babies who are breastfeeding, by simply cutting back on certain foods the mom is eating.

"It's an interesting research findings, but it's not something I would want to put into practice in my patients yet," says Wesley Burks M.D. and a pediatric allergist.

So, you can see the theory is controversial, but if it's noisy at your house, and you're willing to give this a try, the study in the journal Pediatrics suggests moms who are breastfeeding stop eating foods that may make the baby gassy. Stuff like peanuts, eggs, cow's milk, wheat soy and fish.

The study found there was less crying in the group where the mom's modified their diet, than in the group where the moms ate whatever they wanted.

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