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Fire Destroys North Lubbock County Mobile Home

Firefighters are trying to determine what caused a North Lubbock mobile home to burn to the ground, leaving a family of four homeless. The fire started around two o'clock Monday afternoon. It happened in the 9600 Block of North Chester Avenue, which is just West of the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport.

Firefighters say it started as a smaller fire near the backyard fence, it spread to the barn and just a small part of the house. But, within minutes black smoke filled the sky and fire took over the entire house. The Sykes family was not home at the time.

"I got home from work and everything we had in back was already burned down. The back part of the house was already in flames and I was just checking where our horse was and our dogs and everything," said homeowner Tanner Sykes.

Doak Blassingame saved the two boxers who were inside. He was miles away when he saw the smoke, and out of curiosity, came to check it out.

"But, there was nobody here and nobody had gone in. So I just kicked the front door in and I kicked all the doors in. The back bedroom was on fire already, that's where the dogs were and I just got them out," said Blassingame.

Blassingame says he didn't think twice about going into a house already on fire.

"I would want somebody to do it for me and it's what you're supposed to do, you know. I mean, I don't want nobody to suffocate or die or burn or anything like that," said Blassingame.

The neighboring house, just feet away briefly caught fire, but firefighters saved that one. However, it was too late for the Sykes' home.

"There's so many antiques and things in there that can't be replaced, pictures, family videos and I don't know. I haven't even thought of everything yet," Sykes said.

Tanner Sykes' father has not yet seen all this damage. He works for Excel and is in Florida helping with hurricane relief. Sykes called his father during the fire to tell him everything they own is now covered with ash.

"I was just in shock, I didn't know what to think. You see it happen to people all the time, but you never think it'll happen to you," Sykes said.

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