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Making Mammograms More Comfortable

Meredith pierce is making her next appointment for her yearly mammogram. It's no longer a screening that makes her cringe, because her last mammogram was softer, because of something called the Mammopad. "It was much more comfortable. Definitely the warmth, you can feel the difference in the temperature, you're not leaning against that cold machine and also the pinching underneath, near your ribs, I definitely noted a difference there," says Meredith. 

The FDA cleared one use Mammopad adheres directly on to the mammogram glass, providing a soft cushion. When the screening is over, the pad is recycled. "Most patients who've been coming here for years, the minute they step up to the machine, they really say they feel a difference," says hospital technician, Susan Tahakjian. 

But there are some critics who wonder if the pad might interfere with the image or make it more difficult to position the breast. Dr. Steven Weisblatt says he has seen no difference. "Technically we feel that this does not obstruct positioning of the breast. We don't feel it increases radiation and we feel it's as diagnostic an imaging picture as without the mammopad," Dr. Steven Weislbatt. And he adds, "We think that any test which is going to bring women in for mammograms is important and we feel if we can decrease the displeasure associated with this study. We feel that's a win-win situation for the patient as well as the medical staff here."

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