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Proposition Two Sparks Record Voter Turnout

Proposition two appears to be sparking a record voter turnout both locally and statewide in the state constitutional amendment election. The secretary of state expects this to be the highest ever voter turnout for a such an election, and so far he's right. A record 13,000 have already cast early votes in Lubbock County, so NewsChannel 11 wanted to know what's really drawing people to the polls in record numbers.

For the Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays group, PFLAG, a rally held at Texas Tech on Tuesday was a race. They wanted voters to hear their message before heading to the polls.

"This amendment in the Texas Bill of Rights denies rights to Texans," said PFLAG President, Ricky Waite.

The group said defining marriage between one man and one woman directly lashes out toward homosexuals. "It doesn't change anything that's already outlawed with the definions of marriage act, but to have it in the constitution is basically saying gays and lesbians are second class citizens," says Watie.

However, no amount of protesting would sway Karen McMillian. "I just am a strong believer that that institution was made for a man and woman only and I felt very strongly about it, I want it to stay that way," said McMillian.

The Lubbock County Elections Office has been bombarded with callers asking where to vote. Lubbock County Elections Administrator, Dorothy Kennedy said proposition two alone drove hundreds to the polls. "I think a lot of church groups have gotten together, pastors have really pushed their congregations because we've had several calls about, 'our church is coming and we want ot know where to go vote,'" said Kennedy.

Proposition two or not, Daniel Castro said he would exercise his right reguardless. "Just the ability to exercise my freedom to vote is what really brought me out here, and if something's going on in the world, I want to make sure I have a say so in terms of my position," he said.

Waite said even if you're for proposition two, he still wants you to vote.

"No matter what your opinion is get out and vote and express your freedom to decide how your government's going to treat you," said Waite.

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