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The Magic Bullet: Does It Work?

Eveline Hallgren helped us test the Owl Magnifier about three weeks ago. She's back again.

"I love this thing. I use it all most every day," she told us.  Eveline is talking about the Magic Bullet.  "I scramble eggs, I chop garlic, grate cheese, I love margaritas," she told us.   She also says it works.

Eveline showed us how it chopped garlic, how the Magic Bullet makes baby food using carrots. She made us smoothies.  "The blender works like any blender," said Eveline.  With that, she made us milkshakes.    All looked and tasted good!

Eveline whipped up some nice looking whipping cream. After that, she made me peel an orange to make juice with the Magic Bullet juicer.   The juicer worked amazangly.

Then she made us broccoli soup.  She needed the microwave to soften up the broccoli first. Eveline added the ingredients and woudln't you know, it was really good.

A couple of things didn't work for us well, like chopping onions. It was more like mushy onions. Grating cheese turned out more like creamed cheese.  But Eveline says somedays the cheese turns out great.

The Magic Bullet has an assortment of tops, cups, blades, and lids in your package. It costs $60. But for the juicer and the blender, you have to pay an extra $20, which Eveline didn't mind spending. 

You can buy this product at Target, Wal-Mart and Linens & Things. 

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