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Food for Thought Report 11.10

Just two low performers this week... but the one had nine critical violations. Two more restaurants though were perfect. Schlotzskys Deli, funny name but serious about cleanliness. The deli at 3701 19th Street is a top performing restaurant.

If you've got a flare for the dramatic this is the top performer for you: Lubbock's newest Japanese steakhouse - Yamagata at 5905 82nd Street.  Yamagata's quick tossing, flipping and cutting chefs are sure to dazzle your eyes and your tastebuds.

Food for Thought 11.10
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 11/10/05.

Two more Lubbock restaurants had a hard time on their last inspection.  Josie's at 3312 Avenue Q had four critical violations.

  • Cooked potatoes were held at 110 degrees, well below the required hot temperature.
  • Employees were not washing their hands between tasks.
  • Employees were handling ready to eat foods without wearing gloves.
  • A handsink did not have paper towels.

All four critical violations were corrected on site. A Josie's representative reassures us they are doing everything to the best of their ability. She says employees have been instructed on proper procedure.

Summer Palace at 4210 82nd Street had nine critical violations.

  • Raw shrimp was held at 55 degrees, well above the required cold temperature.
  • Soup, pork and eggrolls were below the requred hot temperature.
  • Employees were not washing their hands while changing job duties.
  • Personal drinks were in the kitchen area.
  • Soiled wiping clothes were found on food prep counters.
  • A handwashing station did not have papertowels.
  • A spray bottle was not properly labeled.
  • Cooling units did not have thermometers.
  • Soda nozzles and kitchen utensils were soiled.

The restaurant's owner says she had just gotten a large food delivery when the inspector came. An inspection two days later revealed no critical violations.

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