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Underwater Treadmill

You'll find another new wave in physical therapy in south Lubbock at Physical Therapy Today. That's where they are introducing the area's first underwater treadmill. Actually, there are 10 of them over there in an above ground pool that's only about 4 feet deep. A large digital display panel allows the underwater joggers or walkers to check their speed, time and distance. So, why go underwater when you can use a treadmill on dry land?

"We have people come in that had knee replacements and they are maybe 60-70 years old and gone through therapy and see someone jogging or running for 20-30 minutes and they have not done that in 50 years," says Marray Maddox marketing director and exercise and sports science.

Maddox says underwater treadmills can provide an exercise program for people with pain, and a faster recovery for post surgical patients. It's even a good option for those who just want to lose weight but feel uncomfortable in a regular gym. Physical therapy today has two locations. The new underwater treadmills are only at the 82nd street location.

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