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Teacher You Can Count On: Kristie Hurley

Singing, dancing and pumpkin bread, this is what one Lubbock teacher uses as tools in her kindergarten classroom.

Kristie Hurley keeps her students busy everyday with a different assortment of activities. When Hurley was asked why she taught she ansewered,  "I teach because I love kids and I love watching them learn and grow they amaze you everyday." Said Hurley.

Rene Harman is one of Hurley's teaching assistants, and holds Hurley's teaching styles in the highest reguard "One of the things about Ms. Hurley is, she was consistant every single day." Said Harman. And while teaching Hurley knows that five and six year olds can loose interest quickly. This is why she has focused her teaching style on having fun and doing it everyday. "I make learning fun, and if I'm bored I know that they are bored. So, we dance and we sing and have a good time and learn." Said Hurley. And, having fun can sometimes come in the form of pumpkin bread.

"We were talking about science processes, and how things go in order. We've made things and tryed it without ingredients, and saw how it doesn't work if you don't have all the ingredients." Said Hurley. 

This type of hands on teaching lets Hurley's students learn for themselves. "I like to let them try things and see if they work, and not just tell them how to do it. I let them find out on their own and see what works and what doesn't."Said Hurley. And, Kristie Hurley has been teaching kindergarten at Wolffarth Elementary for two years and plans to stay there for many years to come. Next week we go to Wolfforth and meet a teacher who gives her students smart pills before exams. 

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