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Lubbock Entertainment Scene Embraces Comedy

Carlos Mencia Carlos Mencia

Lubbock is known worldwide for its rich musical heritage but now, the city is trying to diversify it's entertainment scene with laughter. Comedian, Carlos Mencia, host of Comedy Central's, "Mind of Mencia," took the stage at the Lubbock Civic Center for a crowd of over 1,000 Friday night. Mencia is just one of the big name comedians to make Lubbockites laugh in the past year and more could be on the way as the city tries to create its reputation for "big name entertainment."

Lubbock is traditionally known for it's West Texas music, and entertainment, which can bring in bring bucks and lots of tourism. The United Spirit Arena averages a $20,000 profit per event. However, Lubbock is now gaining recognition in another face of the entertainment world.

"Wherever you go, Lubbock is known for music, but I think there are some other things this we need to put forth," said Lubbock Civic Center Director, Freddy Chavez.

Comedy has taken off in the last two years. Friday night, over 1,000 people will fill the seats at the Civic Center for the Carlos Mencia "Mind of Mencia" live comedy show.

"There's been a lot of buzz and people I talked to, acquaintances, they'll say, 'Oh, Carlos Mencia is coming, we've gotta get tickets for that show," said Chavez.

NewsCannel 11 has learned at least 280 people will attend Mencia's show from out of town. If all of them spend just a half day in Lubbock it amounts to a $42,000 economic benefit.

In September, actor/comedian, Vince Vaughn brought the Wild West Comedy tour through Lubbock. The Civic Center has also hosted George Lopez, Rodney Carrington and Ron White. Chavez says Lubbock has proven is has the market for comedy and you can expect more to come.

"If they're successful, we're going to be successful and they're going to come back," said Chavez.

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