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Local Veterans Honored

Veterans Day began in 1919, the year World War One was coming to an end. It was supposed to be a day to celebrate the "the war to end all wars," but as we know, thousands of Americans, including several on the South Plains have lost their lives in wars since then and are still fighting today. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel and Videjouranlist Samuel Ortega show us how Lubbock is saying thank you on this Veterans Day.

Sharon Bell, has a whole family full of veterans. "I have a son who's about to be shipped to Iraq and my husband and my brother in laws are all veterans. And my father in law, who's passed and my father who's passed away are all veterans." She says the one thing she'd like to say to all veterans, "thank you very much."

Daniel Hicks, formerly in the Army, says, "When I went through there were really no wars going on, but to think about what my father did and the other veterans with him to lay down their life on the line for the other people they don't know, but to lay their life on the line for a purpose."

"I hope they feel the support and the pride that we have for them and the appreciation for serving their country and which enables us to have the life that we have and the country we have to be free and it's because of their service and what they're giving to their country and we appreciate it." City councilwoman Phyllis Jones was at a local event honoring veterans and she said their service is invaluable to our country and our community.

Congressman Randy Neugebauer agrees. "I'd like to say to veterans over America, thank you for your service to your nation, to your country, for protecting freedom and democracy around the world, we love you and God bless you."

Currently there are 25 million living veterans in the United States.

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