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City of Lubbock Prepares for Bird Flu Threat

On Friday, the Lubbock Board of Health decided it needs a plan of action and that will involved doctors, vets and health experts. It is been detected in Asia and now parts of Canada but right now the Bird Flu is not threatening Lubbock.

But Lubbock Health Department Director Tommy Camden says the city will be ready if it does become a threat. "We're going to be addressing pandemic influenza issues that may affect the Lubbock community," says Camden.

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A couple of years ago, a group of doctors, vets and health experts put a plan in place to deal with the West Nile Virus. The same group will see will develop a plan of action for the pandemic flu.

"Updating quarantine and isolation type plans. Looking at things we might be able to do in case we don't have medications whether that be limiting individual movements or limiting group activities that could spread further the disease," he said.

Camden says if something does happen, the city already has a medical distribution plan in place.

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