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Lubbock Girl Escapes Burning Home

A fire started just after 6:30 Friday afternoon at a home in the 2200 Block of 48th Street. Once Lubbock firefighters arrived, they had it contained in about ten minutes. A family of six lived there, but only one person was home at the time.

"I just took off for a few minutes, I was going to go pick up my sister. My daughter was in the house. I wasn't gone not even ten minutes, she called me on my cell phone and told me the house was on fire," said homeowner Danny Borjas.

Elizabeth Borjas was trapped inside the home at the time of the fire, and it was quick thinking by the young girl that helped her escape the burning home.

"I smelled something burning like rubber, I opened the door to my sisters room, and I saw smoke," said Elizabeth .

"I had just took off for a few minutes. She was in the house in this room here, and I'm thinking the fire started in our room in the back of the house, I'm assuming but I'm not sure," said Danny.

"I didn't know what to do and then I remember at school when they tell you to get out the nearest exist so I had to crawl through the window, but I was shaking," said Elizabeth.

"Thank God my neighbors, these two men right there, they helped my daughter out," said Danny.

"They got me to the fire department and they came real fast," said Elizabeth.

"She crawled out the window, I got here as fast as I could, I thought she was still in there, but she's ok... Thank God," said Danny.

"I'm just glad she was smart enough to get out, and be safe," said Elizabeth's sister, Gracie Borjas.

"I'm just happy my niece and my family wasn't in there so they and that they're ok," said Elizabeth.

"As long as long you know we're all safe, were going to get by," Gracie said.

"Thank God she is ok, that's all material stuff, but still you know it's hard," said Elizabeth's aunt.

"I lost everything," said Danny.

Fire investigators are trying to determine what caused the blaze. In the meantime, the Borjas family will stay with relatives.

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