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Presidential Library Group Heads to Capitol Hill

The West Texas Coalition for the George W. Bush Presidential Library is headed to Washington D.C. to give their oral presentation to the selection committee. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel was at the send-off party to find out why believers say Lubbock will be chosen to build the library.

Cheerleaders led the crowd chanting, "B-U-S-H! Build here Bush," and they, along with others, believe Bush will build right here in Lubbock. David Miller said, "We started way late out of the gate, but people have come on strong and said, we can do this! Secondly, do we have a chance? I say very humbly, not cocky, don't bet against us at this stage."

Bush Library Video Presentation
Take a look at this exclusive video of Lubbock's pitch to become the home of the George W. Bush Presidential Library.

When it comes to finding out what will be said during the presentation, mum's the word. But Miller assures us they're ready. "We just don't want S.M.U., Baylor, or U.D. to get any tip that they might pick up from ours, and we do have something we think is unique."

While the coalition makes their way to Capitol Hill, supporters here in Lubbock say they're sending the group with hopes and prayers, as David Miller has asked all West Texans to send their prayers out on Wednesday morning at 8:00, during the presentation.

Oral presentations will be the first and last time the group will visit face to face with the committee. Then that group will work with the President and Mrs. Bush to make their decision. The final decision could take up to 5-6 months.

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