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Medical Breakthrough-Sculptra

The FDA has approved a new face filler to turn back the clock. It's called Sculptra, and it's an injection. The idea is that since our faces sag as we age, sculptra fills in spaces that have become depressed by injecting a substance called poly-l-lactic acid into the face.

"We are stimulating the fiberblasts that live in the skin to make more collagen," says Lynn Baden M.D. a dermatologist.

Dr. Baden says the areas that respond best to sculptra are the hollows of the cheek, below and above the eyes, corners of the mouth and jaw line. For sometime, substances like collagen and restylane and even a person's own fat have been used as a wrinkle reducer. Now, some doctor's believe sculptra is better for large areas. It's not cheap though, about 15 hundred dollars per treatment, and there's no instant improvement. Instead, the change is gradual, but the results last about two years.

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