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Texas Rangers Investigate Lubbock County Employee

Lubbock County Commissioner Ysidro Gutierrez hired the man to run his road and bridge operation. NewsChannel 11 knows an investigation started in late August, but Gutierrez says he just found out about it.

"We had someone come into our office to tell us this was happening," said Paul Scarborough, Chief Deputy of the Lubbock Sheriff's Office. He says that was in late August and immediately handed the investigation to the Texas Rangers who are still looking over the case.

"I became aware there was an investigation on November 2nd when I received a phone call from the Texas Rangers, said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez says he fired the employee Monday, a man he says who is a friend and helped him with his campaign last year.

The investigation centers around accusations that the employee would take the county's old equipment to his garage, fix it up, and use it for his private business. "It was a distributor with a trailer that was used to put tar on the road," said Gutierrez. "Anytime you use public property for personal gain, you're committing a criminal offense," said Scarborough.

Commissioner James Kitten says he found out about this a couple of months ago and turned it over for investigation.

"My employees and I have a good relationship and open lines of communication. I visit them weekly," said Gutierrez. We asked Gutierrez why he didn't know this was going on in August. He said because no one told him.

The Rangers say they are not investigating Gutierrez for any wrong-doings and will wrap up their investigation in a couple of weeks. Charges have not been filed.

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