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Man Suspected of Embezzling $70 Million Now on Home Detention

Jonathan Nelson, the Lubbock man accused of embezzling $70-million from a Snyder-based oil drilling company, is on home detention. As we told you on Thursday, in addition to having his assets frozen, Nelson is facing criminal charges. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel has been following the story, and explains why the man known as Jody Nelson is not behind bars.

The U.S. Magistrate Judge agreed to let Jody Nelson be on home detention because he has agreed to assist the court in anyway. But what does home detention mean? The legal definition says Nelson would be restricted to his residence at all times except for employment, education, religious services, medical reasons, attorney visits, court appearances or anything else approved by an officer or pre-trial services.

The conditions of being released on personal recognizance are that Nelson's travel is restricted to the Northern District of Texas may not open any lines of credit, and he must provide any financial information requested by pre-trial services. Other normal conditions are no use of firearms, alcohol and he had to surrender his passport.

You can expect this case to make national headlines. We've already seen a few national news organizations in town.

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