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HealthWise at 5 From 11.21

  • Blood Pressure Meds and Headaches

Headache sufferers with high blood pressure could find pain relief from something other than over-the-counter medicines. In a recent article of Circulation, an analysis of over 24,000 blood pressure patients found a definite connection between a reduction in headaches and use of blood pressure meds. The overview study included four different classes of blood pressure medications, and found one third fewer people reported headache pain once they started their blood pressure drugs.

  • Nicotine Memory

The addictiveness of Nicotine is well known, but the long lasting effects of the chemical have only recently been discovered. Doctors from the Scripps Research Institute have found that mood elevation caused by Nicotine continues for days, and even weeks, after the chemical leaves the body. The researchers say this new understanding about Nicotine's prolonged effect could help in smoking cessation efforts and preventing tobacco addiction.

  • Cider Safety

Apples are a sure sign of fall. Beyond fresh bites and baked treats, apple juice and cider are popular versions of the fruit, but before you guzzle some apple cider, the FDA wants to remind you the check the label for pasteurization. The pasteurization process heats the juice to a point that kills bacteria, making it safe to drink. This is especially important for young kids, the elderly, or anyone with a weakened immune system.

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