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Bloody Reminder Drunk Drivers Kill

On Monday, Shallowater High School students saw what happens when you mix underage drinking and driving.

What if you could turn back time? This woman's daughter would not be on her deathbed. This baby would still be safe in its car seat. This person would still be alive and perhaps, maybe this boy would have made a better choice. "It's a good lesson not to drink and drive," said one on-looker.

Shattered Dreams is about drinking and driving, living and dying. It is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission's way to turn back time, before teens make bad choices later in life. Sophomore Bryson McCarty helped plan the mock accident.

"This was our fourth. We've been planning for three months. There's been a lot of speculation about what's going to be there. Every year it's been the same thing. We wanted to add something new that would impact the students," said McCarty.

"The baby thing that was real. All the beer cans that was bad," said another student.

On Tuesday, students will hear from their peers who played the victims, the drunk driver, the parents, and emergency personal. A grant paid for the program. Its cost was about $4,000.

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