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HealthWise at 5 From 12.2

  • Brain Clouds

A new study finds evidence that long term smoking can lower your IQ. Addiction researchers from the University of Michigan have studied a group of men for over 15 years, some of whom are alcoholics. Intelligence tests and other standard memory assessments found heavy smoking had a greater negative effect on IQ than alcohol addiction. It is believed smoking delivers a double whammy, by damaging small blood vessels in the brain, and exposing it to smoking related chemicals.

  • Bonding Hormones

How babies are treated during infancy could effect them socially as they grow older. That's according to new research at the University of Wisconsin. Researchers there compared children raised by biological parents to those raised in foreign orphanages, where they likely would not receive the customary emotional and physical contact from caregivers. The kids raised in foreign orphanages did not show an increase in social-bonding hormones, like the family-raised children did. They also showed lower levels of hormones related to pleasant experiences. Researchers believe infant care can affect early hormone development, influencing the relationship between children and their caregivers. The take home message for parents, babies benefit by lots of love and cuddling.

  • How Hungry?

'Tis the season for bountiful buffets and indulgent goodies, and for some, the worry that you'll end the holidays a size larger than you started! Experts from the National Eating Disorders Association say you can stem the tide of calories by increasing your appetite awareness. The key is to rate your hunger before you eat. By getting in touch with your true appetite, you can eat until you are satisfied, not gorged.

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