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Bird Ban

The United States has placed an interim ban on poultry from Canada because of a reported case of bird flu there. A duck from a poultry farm in British Columbia tested positive for the bird flu, and even though it was not the type that has been killing humans in Asia, any birds that were on the same farm as the duck that tested positive were killed. There is no evidence the virus has spread. Health officials say all this has been the normal reaction to reports of the H-5 virus, or bird flu.

"We had an H5 case a year and a half ago in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, and immediately when we had that first H5 case out there, other countries banned the importation of poultry from the united states," says Kevin Elfering at the Minn. Dept of Agriculture.

The United States bans imports of poultry from any country where the risk is high, and the CDC says they're trying to get more authority to institute quarantines in airports and sea ports.

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