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XBOX 360 Sells Out in Lubbock

They're so hard to get, even Santa might have trouble getting one under your Christmas tree this year. As quickly as Microsoft's new XBOX 360 game console hit Lubbock store shelves, it was gone again. The 360 has all the fancy bells and whistles... a triple core 3.2 gigahertz processor, 512 megabytes of ram and Circuit City Technology Specialist Matthew Eubank says of the graphics: "Some of it looks so real, it's scary."

No wonder diehard gamers camped out overnight just to get their hands on them. Kevin Smith says he stayed up, "All night long until ten this morning. "  Jared Smith says, "We came here and they said first come first serve and so we had to spend the night."  Three to four hundred dollars and the next generation in gaming is yours, that is if you can find it. Curcuit City and every other Lubbock store sold out of their small alottment immediatley. 

Many who camped out to get the 360 are turning around to put them on E-bay.  If you want to buy one there, it may cost you well over a thousand dollars.  Kevin Smith says, "I'm going to open it up as soon as I get home." and Jared Smith says, "It's a Christmas present so I don't get it until Christmas.  It's gonna be under the tree.  I got to keep my voucher though, so I'll stare at that every day."

Lubbock stores are hoping to get more 360's in but they say you'll have to call everyday to check.

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