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The Grease Lifter: Does It Work?

I do not know about you, but I am not looking forward to cooking with my dirty pans! I have tried everything to take off all the years of baked-on-food. Nothing has worked.

Then, I see this infomercial for a Grease Lifter tablet. I get the number and order it right there. It was only $20, not a big loss. A couple of days later, I check the mail and there it was. I was excited! I opened it up and what I saw were four little boxes of these powdery tablets.

The directions were easy, just drop the tablet in boiling water and put your dirty pan in the water. I was not sure how long to keep it in there, so I let it soak for a little bit. Afterwards, I lifted it out of the water. No miracle, no nothing. This was not working as easy as I thought, or how the infomercial showed.

I had no choice. I had to scrub, even though this product does not require you to scrub. I scrubbed the pan and of course now the stains would come off. Anyway, I tried a muffin pan. It was dirty. If you looked up dirty in the dictionary, I would be sure a picture of my muffin pan would be there. And my cookies sheet too!

I let them both take in the hot water and the Grease Lifter. But you know what, no miracles happened. I had to pull out the sponge again.

The muffin pan was easier to clean but the baking pan was a different story. I could not get it cleaned at all.

I cannot believe it. This Grease Lifter did nothing for me. It didn't work.

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