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A Small Town Thanksgiving Tradition

Drive by and you might miss it. There's only one house and a five people living in the South Plains community of Pep. It's in Northwest Hockley County near the Lamb County border. And on Thanksgiving, the town population increases to 1,500.

Every Thanksgiving lines form around the church building just so people can partake in the Pep festivities.

"We have all kinds of people who come out here. Some people come from Midland and Brownfield. And a lot of them from Levelland and Littlefield come out year after year," said Lina Sehon, who is part of the Kitchen Committee.

And it is not every day that this community has so much activity. "The population is five people and that's including all the animals too. And I am being serious," said Carrie Bethberry.

But for one day each year this small community grows 300 times its size to about 1,500 people. And it's the food that brings them here...a traditional Thanksgiving menu with a few extras of German sausage and sauerkraut.

"Whole families come. We'll get a whole family come and have their dinner here instead of making something at home," said Sehon.

The town of Pep got it's name from the cheerful reputation of local farmers.

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