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Pit Bulls Tased After Attack

Police officers patrolled a central Lubbock neighborhood Friday, armed with rifles. They were searching for two suspects in connection with a violent attack.

The alleged culprits were a pair of pit bulls, and the victim was also a pit bull. It was removed from the scene just after nine Friday morning, with severe injuries.

One dog was captured not long after the attack, but the second got away with two taser prongs still attached to his body. Animal services officer, Ashlee Dean, says the taser did not bring down the dog because he did not get the full dose.

"The dogs are running so fast, and they get tasered," said Dean. "And they're getting shocked for a brief second before the tasers are ripped out of the gun."

The second dog was found later, at a house at 21st and University.

Dean says, the dogs will not be euthanized at this time. Instead, their fate will likely be determined following a dangerous dog hearing.

Authorities say, a cat was also injured in the attack, but got away. Injuries to that animal are unknown.

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