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Slow Day At South Plains Mall

Friday was said to be one of  the busiest shopping day of the year. Over 78,000 people visited the South Plains Mall on Black Friday. But on Saturday morning visitors were recieved by quiet cash registers and short lines.

"Today is very slow, extermily slow, nobody is comming over here to buy anything," stated Valerie Garret, while she maned her post at the Cagle Steaks stand.  

"It's not very crowded I thought there would be allot more people out here but there is not. It's pretty slow," said Mary Jo Huseman, a shopper at the mall. 

"There is not anybody here we started at Kohls, and there wasn't anybody in there either." Said Kovette Bradley, another shopper at the mall. 

And with Saturday's isles a little less crowded customers and employees alike are enjoying the change of pace. "I am happy with today so far because it is slower than what it was yesterday," said JCPenney employee Valerie Hernandez. 

"You can get right up to the stores and the checkout, no long lines," said Huseman. 

While fear of the masses may have kept some away there are also a few different threoies. "Everybody ate to much turkey yesterday and the day before." Said Garret. "Everybody is recovering. And that is where I should be," said Bradley. 

Mall officials told News Channel 11 that the number of visitors was down slightly from last year. Although they may have started slow they still expect a busy shopping season.

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