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Cardiac CT Scan

If you watched the today show Monday morning, you watched Matt Lauer undergo what they referred to as a medical miracle for the heart. If you wondered while watching that, if this new technology is available in Lubbock, the answer is yes.

Recently, we took you to the Brogan Heart Center, the first in Texas to use this new technology called a Cardiac CT Scan. After a dye is injected in the arm, the CT scan takes pictures from every angle, with each picture slightly overlapping the other in a three dimensional view. So nothing is missed. Doctors can see whether they need to go in and open a vessel or just treat it aggressively with medication.

It's not a screening tool, but an outpatient procedure for people with symptoms to see if there is heart trouble.

New Technology Available at Brogan Heart Center
A traditional angiogram, required a hospital stay to check for blockages in the heart, but new technology is faster, easier, safer and considerably cheaper than sending a patient to the cath lab.

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