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New CPR Guidelines

Hundreds of experts poured over thousands of CPR reports to come up with new and more simple guidelines recommended now by the American Heart Association.

The experts decided that seconds count and time is wasted by pausing to check the pulse. So the new rules double to 30 the number of compressions before breathing and eliminate the need to stop and check for signs of circulation. Also, paramedics using automatic defibrillators are now to give only one electric shock, not three before CPR saving up to 37 critical seconds.

"If somebody goes into cardiac arrest, for every minute that goes by they lose a 10 percent chance of survival," says Keith Ludeman at Fairfax Co. Fire and Rescue.

That means if compressions start within 60 seconds of an attack, the chance of survival is 90 percent. Five minutes later, it drops to 50 percent and after 10 minutes with no CPR; there is only a 10 percent chance of survival.

Aside from more compressions, the American Heart Association is telling rescuers to push faster, and harder, in order to save lives, that means less checking and more pumping.

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