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Sweaty Hands

Are you embarrassed when you shake someone's hands that your palms are always sweaty? Millions of people worldwide have the same problem.

The condition is called Palmer Hyperhidrosis. Now, there may be a permanent solution. That's what researchers at the Radiological Society of North America reported to that group meeting in Chicago. They said they're using a high-tech CT scan to help them surgically stop the nerves that make sweat glands over-produce.

Of the 50 patients that have tried it so far, it has been 100 percent effective. The only problem is some patients say when it stopped the sweaty hands; they began sweating more from the chest and feet instead. But before you worry about the trade-off; it is not available yet. We'll keep you posted.

Patients need to know the risks involved, and should have a somewhat severe problem with excessive sweating in order to have the procedure done. Other procedures are available to stop excessive sweating. Botox can be injected, results last about 6 months. An endoscope can be used to perform a similar procedure to this one.

Researchers used CT Fluoroscopy to stop the sweating. The CT scan provided up-to-date images while the surgeon inserted a needle into the spine and injected a medication that stopped the nerves from sending signals to the malfunctioning sweat glands. 47 of the 50 patients saw immediate results, three needed a second procedure. 32% of patient experienced minor side effects, including chest pain and thoracic discomfort. These side effects stopped shortly after the procedure.

For more information visit: http://www.sweathelp.org/English

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