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City Gives North Lubbock Business Deadline To Clean Up

A contaminated business called Scrub-A-Dubb has one month to clean-up, or the City of Lubbock is going to get involved.

Monday, NewsChannel 11 broke the story about the barrel business which may be leaking contaminates into the soil. Five city departments, including fire and Hazmat, met Wednesday. The Environmental Protection Agency gave Scrub-A-Dubb owner until January to remove contaminated materials. If nothing has been done, the city will ticket the owner for allowing contaminated water to threaten the environment.

For 30 years, Scrub-A-Dubb has been rinsing petroleum by-products out of old barrels. The city claims that the EPA has been moving slow on enforcement. The EPA started their investigation four years ago.

City of Lubbock Concerned over Possible Water Contamination
There is still no proof that a North Lubbock business has done anything to clean up its contamination site. The company, Scrub-A-Dubb, reconditions old barrels. The Environmental Protection Agency has turned on the heat to get Scrub-A-Dubb in compliance. But some other environmentalist would argue the heat isn't hot enough. NewsChannel 11's Cecelia Coy spent two months investigating this story.

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