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Police Find Mobile Meth Lab and Suspicious Devices

A central Lubbock neighborhood is safe, but Tuesday evening, it was the scene of possible explosives scare. It started when police pulled over a driver for not using his turn signal. But what they found inside the car required additional back-up.

During the traffic stop police found a suspicious device, that looked like a pipe bomb. Bomb technicians were called in to detonate the device at an area park, just feet away from houses and apartments. Police were able to use some high-tech equipment to safely detonate the device.

Lt. Roy Bassett from LPD said, "It is not unusual for drug users to be paranoid and have devices so we didn't know what we were dealing with." One neighbor said, "I left because I thought better safe than sorry." The so-called-bombs turned out to be duds, but the make-shift meth lab was real.

Bassett said, "The truck was pulled over for a traffic stop, but we found what appeared to be a meth lab in the truck." The travelling meth lab gave police enough evidence to get a warrant to search the car owner's apartment, where they found methamphetamine and other narcotics.

Two weeks ago Lubbock police were called to 23rd and Avenue P for a suspicious package. The 'package' was safely removed from the neighborhood, and police then took it to their firing range to x-ray and destroy it. Police say the pipes were detonated in the neighborhood park because it was a large space and it was safer to detonate it there than travel with the device across town. Police also say safety is always their first concern.

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