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Never Too Late for Justice: The Minnie Elkins Murder Case

In 1989, a 93-year-old Lubbock woman was found dead in her home, beaten to death. Today, Lubbock police are still trying to figure out who could have committed such a heinous crime.

Minnie Elkins, born in 1895, was a well-liked member of her Overton community. Everyone thought of her as grandma. That's why it's so hard to comprehend why and how someone could bring her long life to such a violent end. Assistant Police Chief Thomas Esparza says, "She had lunch with her daughter earlier on the 28th, Tuesday, at noon as far as I know that's the last time anybody saw her."

Minnie Elkins was beaten to death at her 1916 6th Street home, police believe sometime in the overnight hours of June 29th. Chief Esparza adds, "She was an elderly white female. Her family had for a couple days tried to get ahold of her and they couldn't so they became concerned. They went over to check on her and found her dead in her house, in the bedroom."

Minnie's house was torn down along with many others in north Overton, but pictures of the crime scene remain. They show Minnie's house remarkably undisturbed, the only signs of violence in the bedroom. Chief Esparza adds, "She was severely beaten about the face and the head. We feel like maybe robbery was the motive. There are some items, jewelry items and maybe a purse that have never been accounted for."

Minnie's neighbors reported hearing and seeing something out of the ordinary in their neighborhood that night. "Two individuals, both black males, wearing dark clothing that were seen in the area about the time the homicide occurred." explains Chief Esparza. Police were never able to find those two men and despite a good amount of physical evidence left at the scene, the case is growing cold. Chief Esparza says, "You know she led a long, full life and for it to end this way, it's just not right."

Police believe the evidence will someday lead them to Minnie Elkins' murderer. If you have anything that may help them, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000 or Detective Doug Sutton at (806)775-2410.

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