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The Smart Peeler: Does It Work?

Peel the smart way using the Smart Peeler. No, it doesn't do your math homework nor does it fix dinner without you. It peels stuff, like apples, potatoes, cucumbers, and carrots. In fact, the makers claim it makes peeling fun! Now that's a smart peeler!

This product cost us $10, but Does It Work? The product has serrated teeth to peel and it has a fast action back and forth movement powered by two AA batteries. Let's get peeling!

We'll start with the potato. So far, I haven't felt any smarter. It feels like I am using a normal kitchen peeler. But regardless, I was able to peel this spud in no time. Moving on to this cucumber. The Smart Peeler is moving smoothly. So far, a peel without incident.

I don't know about you, but I hate to peel carrots. I said it out loud too, which I should have kept to myself. Because I snagged my thumbnail. I guess it peels that too. Ouch!

Our final test brings us to an apple. It was so easy. It was peeling as easy as apple pie. I'd say in 30 minutes, I was able to peel all of these items. But if you want the honest truth, you could peel all this the in the same amount of time with a regular $5 peeler. At any rate, the Smart Peeler works!

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