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Food for Thought Report 12.1

Director of Lubbock Sonic Operations Steve Gonzalez says, "We are extremely proud... excited to see Sonic up there being represented." The Sonic drive-in at 7220 Quaker has a perfect health inspection to be proud of. They were more than ready for the health inspector after keeping up with Sonic's corporate audit process. Gonzalez explains, "We do our best here to make sure we are going above and beyond what Sonic requires. Also the health inspection, we take that very serious and we want to make sure we have safe food as well as the fast service Sonic is known for."

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Food for Thought 12.1
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 12/1/05.

Of course, it's the employees that make it all possible. Gonzalez says, "A lot of people show employees how to do something but Sonic is really enforcing on why as well."

One of Lubbock's newest Sonic locations is a top performer as well. General Manager Charles Warren says, "Staying on top of things... check, double check, triple check and check it again when we're done." Warren's Sonic at 5802 64th Street shares the spotlight with its sister location on Quaker. It also had zero critical violations. Warren adds, "Maybe I'm doing something right, but I've really got a great team behind me. I'm tickled."

There were no low performers this week.

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