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TSA Lifts Ban On Some Sharp Objects

Starting December 22nd, you will be able to pack scissors when flying, but you may be subject to additional security screenings.

On Friday, the Transportation Security Administration lifted the ban on some sharp objects like small scissors and tools. Those items were banned after 9-11 when box cutters were used to hijack airplanes. Box-cutters are still on the banned list but screeners will be conducting additional pat downs to help detect explosives. Most travelers we spoke with at Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport told us they're excited about the changes.

"We certainly want to be safe, but at the same time, you know my aunt who knits they confiscated her knitting needle," one traveler said.

"I feel like we'll be safer because of instead of searching for scissors or something small, nail clippers or whatever, small knives, they'll be able to focus their time on real threats to a flight such as a bomb," another traveler said.

This year alone, screeners have confiscated 3 million scissors and more than 800,000 tools.

Transportation Security Administration
Visit the TSA online for the most up-to-date information on aviation security.

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