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Problems Associated With Nasal Flu Vaccine

It was 2003 when those of us who don't like shots were given an alternative in flu protection in the form of a flu vaccine that squirts up the nose. Since then, the government has been tracking reports of bad reactions associated with that compared to other vaccines.

Their findings are in the current Journal of the American Medical Association, or JAMA. So, what kind of problems were reported with the nasal flu vaccine?

"A few of them were serious allergic reaction. A few of them were asthma attacks among people who had a prior asthma history. Those people who had the prior asthma history should not have received the vaccine anyway," said Hector Izurieta, MD with the Food and Drug Administration.

Overall, the FDA reports a very low percentage of side effects from the nasal flu vaccine. But remember, the spray is only recommended for people ages 5 to 49 who don't have asthma or any other chronic conditions. In those people, the study shows the vaccine is very safe...with only a few people reporting brief cold or flu symptoms after getting the vaccine.

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