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Is Television Making it Harder for Kids to Eat Healthy?

Kathy Robinson is at war, fighting to make healthy meals for her four children. "It's probably number one in my mind during the day. I need to get healthy food into them and how am i going to do it," says Kathy. Thats a battle fought by millions of parents and often its undermined by clever cartoon-like ads for products telling kids high-calorie foods are fun.

The Institute of Medicine Study indicates more than a third of parents surveyed say their children get to pick what's served for dinner. Only ten percent report their kids never have a say. According to the study ordered by congress and commissioned by the CDC, almost 500 products were introduced to children, last year alone.  Many are promoted by cartoon characters they know some are targeted to toddlers.

Rates that have tripled in the last 40-years. The report encourages companies to market healthy foods.. But advertisers say they are moving in that direction. Kathy Robinson knows what she serves now will condition their choices later.. And says she must be more persistent than marketers. "My kids know they're not the decision makers i am and i'm gonna provide the right choices in this house," says Kathy. But, she's up against a 10-billion dollar industry. Her concern is that her pitch for broccoli and bananas may be a tough sell.

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