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Icy Streets Coming From Unusual Source

Ice is coating some Lubbock streets and sidewalks and it's caused by people still watering their lawns.

Anyone who's ever had to drive on icy roads knows that even the smallest ice patch can cause your car to start sliding. Sprinkler systems cause much of the ice that's accumulated. The water ordinance was only adopted earlier this year, so Wednesday was the first time city workers went door to door reminding people to shut off their systems.

City Landscaping and Irrigation Inspector Marcus Reed has to tip toe down the sidewalk so he won't fall but he has a mission to get rid of all this.

"We'd like to get this done though education," Reed says. "It's a lot simpler and easier that way."

Reed is going door to door leaving these reminders for those who have forgotten to shut off their sprinkler systems which explain why it can be dangerous.

"With this kind of weather it's going to freeze and turn to ice and it's not supposed to thaw for quite a while and it just makes it a traffic hazard," Reed says. He adds, "they know why I'm here. They've seen it and they've pulled up and they probably were slipping and sliding going into their parking lot so they know why I'm here."

Reed hopes the education program will work, but if ice continues to cover grass the city may start handing out tickets.

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