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HealthWise at 5 From 12.12

  • Cough Care

Coughing season is upon us, and doctors from the American Academy of Family Physician's encourage label reading before you start downing cough medicine. To block the cough reflex, look for Dextromethophan, and if your main complaint is a cough the academy says avoid decongestants or antihistamines since these will dry you out, thickening the mucous and making your cough worse. Again the ingredient to look for in cough medicine is Dextomethorphan.

  • Restless Legs Monitor

Catching restless legs in the act in the aim of a device newly approved by the FDA. Patients at Emory University and other locations are using IM Systems' Pam-RL leg activity device. The sensitive monitor measures the time and intensity of leg kicks, which can give doctors a clear picture of sleep disruptions caused by restless legs. The RLS foundation estimates that up to ten percent of the United States population suffers from restless legs syndrome.

  • Tryptophan and Immunity

Though Tryptophan, an amino acid found in turkey, has earned a reputation for causing drowsiness, certain parts of Tryptophan could potentially help soothe an overactive immune system. In experiments, Stanford immunologists have found substances derived from tryptophan can suppress an autoimmune attack. This sort of attack happens in patients with multiple sclerosis whose symptoms worsens when this occurs. The doctors say they don't have a turkey dose at this point, but they are working with a drug that could offer the benefits without the dinner.

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