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Overnight House Fire Leaves Two People Dead

Seven people lived in the home and were using heating alternatives to keep warm during the freezing temperatures. 21-year-old Brittany Lilly and her 3-year-old son Devon, were not able to escape. Fire marshal's said that radiant heat spread to the couch causing the fire. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel spoke with the family and neighbors for the latest.

All seven people were asleep when the fire started, but five people were able to escape. The way neighbors tell the story, Brittany's sister Demetra, and her three kids broke through a window and ran to safety. Fire marshal's believe Brittany helped her 6-year-old son escape, and when she ran back inside to get her 3-year-old son, the two got trapped in the burning house.

Two people were trapped. That was the only information available during Wednesday night's fire. "I didn't know what was happening, all she kept saying was her sister was in there, her sister was in there." Freddy, a neighbor, smelled the fire from his house across the street, but when he ran over to help, it was too late. "I busted the glass with my hands. We were throwing things and it wouldn't break and I just got up to it and hit it with my hand and knocked off the edges and stuck my head in there and there was just all this smoke that came out. It was so overpowering and my neighbor and I were yelling, yelling, yelling for her, and, no response."

Later on Thursday the house was left charred and burned with nothing left inside. The 6-year-old and his aunt Demetra were taken to UMC Wednesday night. The boy was treated and released, and Demetra is about to undergo surgery for the cuts she got on her arm when breaking the window to escape.

Donations for the family are being taken at Northside Church of Christ located at 103 East Tulane.

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