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Teacher You Can Count On: Gail Tutino

Socrates, Plato, and Galileo are just some of the great philosophers studied inside a fifth grade classroom. And one Lubbock teacher believes they will help her students learn important life lessons.

Gail Tutino teaches fifth grade at Roscoe Wilson Elementary. She challenges her students to work hard and find answers to difficult questions. Tutino believes that by using philosophy her students will gain a more enlightened way of thinking. "We spend alot of time in here thinking about our thinking." Said Tutino, who is currently teaching her fifth grade class about some very grown up topics. "What is the meaning of life? What is more important; truth or beauty? And these are the questions that people have been asking since the times of the Greeks." Said Tutino. And now she  hopes that her students will retain part of their philosophical teachings.

"Philosophy means literally the love of wisdom, and a philosopher is the lover of wisdom. " Said Tutino. "She never makes things easy. Which is really good, she always has something that is going to challenge our minds." Said Bethany Rolan, a fifth grader at Wilson Elementary. And for Rolan nominating her favorite teacher was a no brainer. "I feel like Mrs. Tutino has a big influence on me. A good influence, she taught me a lot of things that are going to be useful in life." Said Rolan. "I want to feel that when they go out into the world that they will make the world a better place." Said Tutino.  

Pushing her students to think outside of the box  is what makes Gail Tutino this week's Teacher You Can Count On. Next week we will go to Coronado High School to meet the last teacher of the semester.

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