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Five Littlefield Stores Plan on Selling Liquor Following Alcohol Election

Thirty-one days after Littlefield voters approved packaged liquor sales in the city, NewsChannel 11 learns which stores plan to sell alcohol. Littlefield residents used to have to drive 40 miles for alcohol, but those days are nearing an end.

Right now Littlefield residents either drive to Lubbock to the strip or to Opdyke West for alcohol, but the days of spending an hour on the road to and from are almost over. We learned that as of Friday, five stores had turned in license applications to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

Chad Wright, who started the petition which led to the election in November, turned in his application Thursday and plans to open a liquor store. United Supermarkets has also applied for a license, as well as two Town and Country stores and a Fast Stop Convenience store.

However, until those applications are approved, residents will continue to drive to the store in Opdyke West. We found dozens of people who make the trip, sometimes every weekend, and many say being able to buy alcohol in Littlefield comes down to convenience and saving money on gas.

Littlefield resident Jason Bell said, "I won't have to take time off, you can just go across the street or whatever."

Resident David Abeyta said, "Now it's easier. We don't have to waste gas, we can get it wherever they're going to sell it. It doesn't matter if it's out of town on the highway, it's not far anymore."

It will be at least 45 days before you see any alcohol being sold, that's how long the application process takes.

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