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HealthWise at 5 From 12.21

  • Cord Cells and Stroke

Brain damage caused by stroke may one day be alleviated with a treatment made from umbilical cord blood. Neuroscientists from the University of South Florida have found cord blood cells administered intravenously can reduce inflammatory response to the stroke site. In early tests so far, the treatment has reduces the disabling effects of stroke. The best time for the treatment was also a surprise two days after a stroke. Doctors plan to begin a study on human patients soon.

  • Cooling Cap

An investigational device is helping save the brains of babies who lose oxygen during birth. Jefferson University hospital in Philadelphia is one of the few sites testing what is called the Coolcap. At risk babies wear the cap within hours of birth, and keep it on for three days. Ice cold water circulates into the cap, chilling the brain and causing an isolated form of hypothermia, sound cruel but this cooling appears to stop brain cell death in these newborns. In a recently completed study, Coolcap babies had a 58% reduction in motor abnormal ties compared to untreated infants.

  • Cocoa and Diarrhea

You will never believe what dark chocolate can do. Doctors from the Children's Hospital and Research Center at Oakland say they believe it can help ease the symptoms of diarrhea and reduce risk of dehydration. In experiments, the researchers found flavanoids in dark chocolate limit the loss of fluid in the intestines, an it is the fluid that triggers diarrhea, and they say the higher the level of cocoa the better, but do not look for a dark chocolate prescription yet. Instead researchers are busy looking for a sponsor so they can start testing this theory on humans.

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