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Teen Girls and Drinking

The alcohol industry is going beyond the effort to get people to drink responsibly. Today a group in that industry called the Century Council launched a new campaign aimed specifically at teenage girls who drink.

That's because new research found teenage girls are drinking much more than their mothers think. One in 7 young girls admitted drinking, but only one in 20 mothers suspected it. So, the council is encouraging parents to get the facts about alcohol and begin talking to their daughters as young as 11 years old.

"We want to begin the conversation when they're still listening, and you have to have it a lot. One time will not do it," says Susan Molinari at the Century Council.

One of the things the council says mothers should tell their daughters, is there is a physiological difference between girls and boys who drink. Even when age, weight and eating habits are exactly the same, alcohol lingers longer in the female body prolonging its effects.

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