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Don't Be a Victim This Holiday Shopping Season

Every day that Christmas draws nearer, the holiday spirit grows. But police warn: so does theft and burglary in Lubbock. Right now, they are getting half a dozen to a dozen theft reports per day. A few important reminders can help protect those presents you shopped so hard for.

Police say two of the most important tips: never, never leave your purse or wallet in your car and never leave shopping bags visible. Put them in your trunk and if you don't have a trunk, cover them up with a blanket. Sergeant Bill Casey with the Lubbock Police Department says, "This is their way of getting their Christmas presents, a lot of them. They just take them and steal from everybody."

Sergeant Casey says the key to avoiding holiday thieves is simple: don't make yourself a target. He says, "If you're leaving a business, make sure you've got everything you need. Don't just dangle it out there, keep it close to your body."

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Sergeant Casey suggests always being aware of your surroundings whether at a shopping center or anywhere else. Look around for anything suspicious before getting into or out of the car. He explains, "If it's at night, try to park as close as you can to the business you're going into. Don't park in isolated areas. Stay away from shrubbery and items like that."

It's also wise to walk in numbers in parking lots, keeping your keys out and ready, and even if you're just running in for a minute, always lock it up. Sergeant Casey says, "We want everyone to have a Merry Christmas and we want you to be safe when driving or shopping. If you need us, give us a call."

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Some of these tips don't just apply while shopping. Holiday thieves will strike even while you're parked at home. So, take everything out of your car there too. Also, don't leave gifts or your tree visible from your front window at home.

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