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Controversy Over Dogs Euthanasia After Attack

Two dogs are dead and the family is saying the animal shelter is at fault. Nearly three weeks ago two pit-bull mixes were captured by Lubbock Animal Control after the dogs attacked and killed another dog and injured a cat.

Pit Bulls Tased After Attack
Police officers patrolled a central Lubbock neighborhood Friday, armed with rifles.

The dog owners say they were told to pick up the dogs in ten days, but when they showed up, the dogs had already been euthanized. NewsChannel 11's Jennifer Vogel explains what both the dog owners and Animal Services could've done to prevent the death of the dogs.

Two dogs were loose, another was on the verge of death. Police and Animal Services caught one dog, and then found the other at a Lubbock home. "If I would've known that was the last time I'd see my dogs I would've made them take me." Jesse Burk saw the video of Dozer and Kix being taken away for the first time. She was dog sitting last month when the dogs got loose. "I thought cooperate would be the best thing to do."

Animal Services took the dogs and when the owners got word, they say they called Animal Services. Mary Faldecek said, "We contacted them from Austin and asked if we needed to get them now, they said no, they have to be held ten days because they bit a dog."

There's no record of the phone call and Animal Services tells NewsChannel 11 they would never put a ten-day hold on a dog unless the dog attacked a person. But when Mary showed up December 6th, 11 days later, her dogs were dead. "We would be there Tuesday to pick them up and they told my brother, 'No we already killed them.'"

In an interview the day the dogs were taken, Animal Services said the dogs would not be killed because they knew the owner. It said ,"They will not be euthanized at this time, we've got an owner on them from there it's up to my supervisor what goes on after this."

Animal Services told us that they made a bad judgement and if they had the owner's name, they should've been contacted. Animal Services also said they were following protocol. After 72 hours of no clear owner, the dogs become their property. They also mentioned that they waited ten days before they euthanized the dogs, which gave the owners over a week to claim them.

The dog owners are looking into legal action against animal services.

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