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Healthy Shopping Hints

When thinking about the perfect gift...think healthy! There is something for everyone on your list.

For the foot weary shopper, what about a foot spa? To sooth away the stress of the holidays, a table top fountain might be the perfect solution. Yoga is an excellent way top get fit so a mat and a good yoga tape might fill the exercise bill for someone on the list.

Someone you know have high blood pressure? Give him or her a BP monitor too keep track of it. Lifting weights would be good exercise to promote healthy bones for Mom. A dumb bell set would help her keep in shape.

A subscription to 'Cooking Light' would give anyone a year's worth of delicious, healthy meals. Tea, both green and black, are rated 'healthy' by most. Put together a selection of teas and some honey for a relaxing afternoon treat.

For that friend who is always on a diet, buy a new electronic scale that keeps track of your past weight. There are also 'talking' scales that tell you whether you have gained weight or not.

To encourage a friend to continue exercising, give a pedometer. It is fun to see just how far you can walk and how fast. A tape of yoga or Tai Chi might also stimulate that friend to keep active in the New Year.

A water purifier that takes out most of the impurities and certainly makes water taste better is an inexpensive and thoughtful gift.

For those aches and pains that we all get now and then give a heating pad. The new ones have better heat controls and certainly are very soothing for tired muscles.

If your friend is uptight because of the holidays, give him or her an aquarium. Watching fish has a wonderfully calming effect on most people. It is like looking at waves or a fire. A CD of relaxing music or all the necessities for an aromatherapy bath will also help relieve the tension.

A first aid kit for the car makes a good gift for those who have 'everything.' It can be very handy, especially with children or weekend warriors in the family. Another car gift is the Life Hammer, the gadget that can help you break out the windows should you have an accident. You can also include an emergency car kit with flares and a can of stuff to inflate a tire so you can get to a repair shop.

The best thing about all these gifts is that you can shop from the convenience and comfort of your own home. Just use the internet. Many are now offering free delivery.

Here are a few sites that will take the stress out of shopping this year:


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