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Food for Thought Report 12.15

A lot of changes going on in this week's edition of Food for Thought, all for the better. But one thing that remains the same, our three top performers know how to come out on top. They're all repeats on our list of perfectionists.

Food for Thought 12.15
Here is a complete list of the restaurants and their violations for the week ending on 12/15/05.

My grandmother always used to say "well bless your heart" so she'd be particularly fond of our first top performer at 3701 19th Street.  Owner of Bless Your Heart restaurant, Greg Perkins explains, "Bless Your Heart is a concept we developed 15 years ago this year as a matter of fact. 15 years in business and we designed a menu that's heart healthy, low fat, low calories and designed for people who want to eat right."

Bless Your Heart is going through an interior makeover to become more accessible and more modern, and they'll add a new plaque to the decor. Perkins says, "We're very excited to be a top performer. Basically, we just have procedures and policies and when they're properly followed, the result is a good score."

Changes are underway at our second top performer as well. Christakis Burger at 1111 34th Street is now open at 7 a.m. for breakfast and they're serving homade Mexican food too! Owner Melissa Rodriguez says, "We have omlettes, we have pancakes, we have breakfast burritos."  And of course they still serve up their trademark burgers!  Rodriguez adds, "We take a lot of pride in everything we do here. We do our best to keep it clean, we work very hard to keep it clean."

Finally, if it's plain, down home, good cooking your looking for, you'll find it at our last honoree: Country Plate Diner at 1301 50th Street. Country Plate earned a perfect score from their health inspector.

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