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Lubbock Woman Attacked After Answering a Knock at Her Door

All she did was open the door and now a Lubbock woman is being treated for serious injuries. Police say two men forced their way into her home, beat her and took off, shooting at other witnesses as they drove away.

Investigators were looking into tire marks left in the alley behind the house. That's where witnesses said a Chevy Impalla was parked just minutes before the men forced their way into the home. Police said the woman simply answered the door. However, she's works from home and is used to answering the door for colleagues who frequently stop by, but this would not be a routine visit.

The sound barking dogs tipped off Sherry Crosby that something went wrong at her sisters home just houses away. Crosby was getting ready for work when she heard the dogs, looked outside and saw police cars at her sister's house. She immediately went to see what happened.

"The police told me to stay out because she was beaten really bad and they needed to get her to the emergency room," said Crosby. "She was still coherent, but in bad shape."

Police said Crosby's sister, 50-year-old Linda Pierce, opened the door for two men who knocked. They asked for "Bobby," when she said she didn't know a Bobby they forced their way inside, beat her and stole various items.

A neighbor, who asked to remain anonymous, knew something was going on when he saw an unfamiliar parked car left running in the alley. Moments later he saw two men run from Pierce's backyard to the car and speed away.

"You hear so much stuff on the news, you just don't expect to see something like that in your own backyard," said the neighbor.

He chased after the two men and was shot at three times. "All my neighbors heard it (the gunshots), and they all came outside, but I didn't even realize he shot at me three times until it all finished."

And now, Crosby sends a message to her sisters attackers, "You will be caught and when that happens you will pay for what you've done. What you've done to my sister was not right, regardless of whatever reason."

Police are looking for the two men who attacked Linda Pierce. One of the suspects is described as an hispanic man, the other was black. Both were wearing hooded sweatshirts. They are believed to be 18 to 20 years-old. They were driving a black or dark blue Chevy Impala, with the Texas License plate 043-CVC.

If you have any information, call Crime Line at (806) 741-1000.

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