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Teacher You Can Count On: Pam Ryan

In most English classes, you'll read classic literature and analyze it. But the curriculum goes beyond the classics in Pam Ryan's Coronado High School Classroom. You can find her daily lesson plan on the front page. 

"I have my students actually analyze speeches and letters that have to do with a particular hot point around the world," says Ms. Ryan. These high school students are writing about Iraq, Afghanistan and other current events. It's an effort to make students more aware of the world around them. "I want my students to be passionate about other parts of the world if they have an emotional connection with another part of the world they are going to be a better citizen of the world," says Ms. Ryan. 

And for now, students say Ms. Ryan's class is helping them become better students and better writers.  "I want them to leave me and be able to write anything for anybody," says Ms.Ryan. It's those writing skills combined with a heightened sense of the world around them that Ms. Ryan says will make these students--future leaders. "Most 16-17 yr. olds care about music, basketball, their boyfriends or girlfriends, I was the same way when I was in high school but if we can teach them to care about the world then we will know that the future is in good hands," concludes Ms. Ryan. 

Teacher you can count on will take a two week break as school is out for the holidays.

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