Indictments: December 6, 2005 - KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock

This is a list of indictments issued by grand juries in Lubbock County, Texas, as reported to KCBD by the Lubbock Police Department. The individuals listed here have not necessarily been convicted of the crimes for which they were indicted.

Indictments: December 6, 2005

Rodriguez, Felipe M. Forgery
Phillips, Michael D. Forgery
Loveless, Harold L. III Forgery
Parker, Crystal R. Forgery
Rendon, Latrisha A. Forgery
Hutton, Kyle D. Forgery Gov't Fin. Instr. (Counterfeiting)
Penny, Stormie R. Forgery
Ryan, David A. Credit Card Abuse
Johnson, Jerry L. Credit Card Abuse
Esparza, Mark M. Burglary of Building
Mercer, Paula D. Theft
Anaya, Reyes Theft
Avalos, Jessie L. Theft
Garcia, Norma B. Theft
Zavala, Randy Theft
Casas, Vicente Burglary of Habitation w/Intent Sex. Assault
Ruiz, Efrain Jr. Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Dimas, Barron Possession of a Controlled Sub. w/Intent 1-4g.
Davis, Cecil R. Jr. Possession of a Controlled Sub. w/Intent 1-4g.
Fisher, Bobby J. Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Ortega, Florencio Endangering A Child
Ortega, Florencio Criminal Non-Support
Herrera, Olga C. Injury to Elderly
Delashaw, Dustie Agg. Assault
Champion, Gary N. Jr. Agg. Assault
Langs, Christopher L. Robbery
Sanchez, Ysaura Agg. Assault
Varela, Nina Agg. Assault
Garcia, Jose Jr. Possession of Cont. Sub. w/Intent 4-200g.
Gallardo, Antonio G. Jr. Evading w/Motor Vehicle
Johnson, Ronald D. Evading w/Motor Vehicle
Aguirre, Miguel O. Evading w/ Motor Vehicle
Cleveland, David L. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Ross, Marcus J. Agg. Robbery
Pollard, Leonard D. Possession Marijuana 4oz.-5lbs.
Scott, Crystal L. Possession Marjuana  4oz.-5lbs.
Coleman, Broderick D. Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Jackson, Jeremy J. Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Goff, Velenska D. Possession of a Controlled Substance 1-4g.
Davila, Candida D. Delivery of Cont. Sub. <1g. DFZ
Ross, Stacy S. Prostitution w/3 Priors
Aguilar, Patricia A. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Gaither, Jermain D. Theft w/ 2 Priors
Ruiz, Patricia A. Theft w/ 2Priors
Garcia, Jacob R. DWI
Hallmark, Hally W. DWI
Metzgar, Michael G. DWI
Morales, Gilberto Y. DWI
Rivers, Amber L. DWI
Gillespie, Joe B. Poss'n Chemical w/ Intent
Gillespie, John L. Jr. Poss'n Chemical w/ Intent
Lackey, Larry D. Poss'n Chemical w/ Intent
Oballe, Angie A. Poss'n Chemical w/ Intent
White, Melvin E. Poss'n Controlled Sub. 1-4 g.

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